Live at Captiva Chapel

On Sunday February 17, 2019, Austin returned to the site of his inspiration for the song God’s Locomotive — Captiva Chapel-by-the-Sea on Captiva Island FL — for a concert ranging from old favorites like Miss Ola (The Mississippi Giver) and Country Side of Heaven (from the Dreamin’ Backwards album), to newer numbers that perfectly fit the concert’s theme of Love and Hope such as Divine Activity and Love Hate Away. Of course you’ll hear God’s Locomotive, midway through, and in a rousing reprise at the end where all join in singing, clapping and dancing — a “Rockin’ Celebration” indeed!

Backing Austin’s vocals and guitar is the driving beat of drummer Sticks Walker of the band Brother Love. Song after song, Austin scores a direct hit with the audience. Their enthusiasm is infectious — catch it!

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