Interview with Paul Leslie

In this interview, which took place on July 28, 2016, Austin recounts many of the experiences that shaped his singing and songwriting over the years. Highlights are his vivid recollection of writing “Brand New Country Star” with Jimmy Buffett, and the genesis of the song “Sheik of Sh-Boom”, co-written with Walter Hyatt and Ken Spooner, and recorded by Lyle Lovett.

Asked what was “the best thing” about being Austin Church, he replies: “Sharing smiles with people you’ve never met.”

Paul Leslie has interviewed over 300 personalities covering a wide range of the arts — authors, actors, television personalities — but with an emphasis on musicians. His ultimate goal, as stated on his website, is to “help people tell their stories”.

(In addition to the YouTube version at right, the interview is available as a downloadable podcast.)

Click here to listen to Paul’s Oct 2016 production, “Austin Church Special – The Paul Leslie Hour”, in which he weaves musical tracks with this interview to fascinating effect!

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