Me and Jimmy and a Jug of Beam

This song relates in fascinating detail Austin’s get-together with Jimmy Buffett one evening over dinner. This was in 1973, in Athens, GA, where Buffett was “just passing through on his way to the big time”.


Sharing a bottle of whiskey as a creative lubricant, the two penned the song “Brand New Country Star” which Jimmy later recorded and released on his 1974 album Living and Dying in 3/4 Time.


In 2000, Austin would record his own version of “Brand New Country Star”, as Track No 9 on the album Dreamin’ Backwards.



“Me and Jimmy and a Jug of Beam”
words and music by
Austin Church and Chris Clark

Churchman Music (BMI)
© 2002 All Rights Reserved


Released October 16, 2020
© 2020 Coastal Sounds

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