Johnny B Goode is Gone

Here’s my homage to the great genius of rock n roll, Chuck Berry! I always wanted to record in an earthy studio in say, rural Mississippi, or maybe Chicago where blues artists like Chuck and Muddy may have “layed it down”. I feel I accomplished some of that “feel” with this one. I hope the legions of Chuck Berry fans will take a likin’ to it.

– Austin

Johnny B Goode is Gone

This song appears as Track 5 on Austin’s 2017 album Kill Devil Sessions – Flight of Aaron Jett.

Click here to check out the video version of this tune.


Austin Church – Vocal, Acoustic Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Fred Ermentrout – Lead Telecaster Guitar
Dave Jacobs – Bass, Drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered May 2017 at DAVE’S CAVE, Rockledge FL
Engineer: Dave Jacobs

“Johnny B Goode is Gone”
words and music by
Austin Church
(based on a text message by Beckley)

Churchman Music (BMI)
© 2017 All Rights Reserved

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