Aaron Jett Could Fly

Aaron Jett Could Fly is very meaningful to me. He was my little friend in the early 1980’s. Against all odds he was always brimming with enthusiasm and exuberance, and wide-eyed excitement! If I was feeling low for some trivial reason, I would get a contact high from him, which put things in the proper perspective in a hurry. He would allow the entire 5th floor children’s play room at Vanderbilt Medical Center to take flight! This song is a way to make “contact” with a courageous born aviator, who came from a wonderful loving family. He thought a lot of me, but his dad was his hero, which lifted my heart. This is when music is a true blessing.

– Austin

Aaron Jett Could Fly

This song appears as Track 1 on Austin’s 2017 album Kill Devil Sessions – Flight of Aaron Jett.


Austin Church – Vocal, Acoustic Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Dave Jacobs – Bass, Cajon, Egg

Recorded, mixed, and mastered May 2017 at DAVE’S CAVE, Rockledge FL
Engineer: Dave Jacobs

“Aaron Jett Could Fly”
words and music by
Austin Church
Churchman Music (BMI)
© 2017 All Rights Reserved

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