by on December 21, 2022

Here’s a little “JAPANESE JAZZ”, why not. My friend studying up at Berklee (School of Music) in Boston said he had a good session of jazz with a student from China. I thought, Chinese Jazz, that has a cool ring to it, why don’t I do it into a song. Then I thought, I lived in Japan when I was a boy, why not write “JAPANESE JAZZ”, so I did. We lived in the wonderful little town of Kunitachi, so I open the song with my impressions of a vibrant street scene in the center of that town. In fact the whole song plays out through the mind, mouthpiece and tone of the tune’s central figure, a young sax man I call the “Kunitachi Teen”. As I describe how he was shaped by his primary influence, Thelonius Monk, and go on to indicate my subject’s stage wear, a “Tuxedo Kimono”, the “Kunitachi Teen” musically “paints the scene”. As I laid down the music with my voice, drums, wine glass, and telecaster guitar, I put Chet Baker’s cool California jazz in my mind to get the feel. Thanks to my brother, Country Bob at Aquiline Studios for putting the video together. The shot of Himeji Castle really sends me; it’s one of the most majestic structures I’ve ever seen. I put my poetry into “JAPANESE JAZZ”. I feel it, I hope you do too. Enjoy. With a Green and Gold mellowness to you, I’m Vernon Mars /AKA/ Austin Church.

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