by on October 9, 2021

I used to hurl the ole horsehide. Baseball; I ate it, slept it, dreamt it. I was in for the full baseball ride. Dad showed me how to catch and throw the ball in the yard of our house in the shadow of Mount Fuji. My adventure with the game continued in the “Heart of Dixie”. Mom healed me when I got cut from the team. I practiced hard, and soon became an all star and threw a no hitter. When Bob Dylan came out of the record player, I got more into what he was doing than what the boys were doing on the diamond, so music suddenly became my primary game. I still think a lot about the days when I threw the ball. One day not long ago, I conjured up as best I could the delivery I used when I was on the mound. Here then is Austin Church…PITCHER OF BASEBALL. The clip was taken by Chris DeMuro. Onward music and baseball fans. Cheers, Austin Church

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