Playing With Mozart
by on May 21, 2020

Greetings friends! Top of the green and gold to ya! As you know, green and gold is my key for propitious happenings. Green and gold is not exclusive to me. Edna Ferber employed green and gold in her novel “So Big”, where she played it as emerald and wheat.

Lets jump into a little riff on Mozart, shall we. Ahhh… WAM (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), the legendary musician for all time. Mozart was playing solid piano and beginning to compose at 5. What was I doing at 5…climbing an apple tree in Rainbow,(a little village near Windsor Locks, Ct.), drinking a half pint of milk, and taking a nap. As sharp, and talented, and personable as Mozart was, he had to roam around all over Europe and England in search of a properly paying steady job. That’s crazy. The kid was solid gold; what’s the matter with people. No matter what he had to go through in this world, the riches he produced are ours forever. Don’t get me wrong, he did ok, but finances to this man should never have been a concern.

As you can see, I call this piece, “Playing With Mozart”. One day I was listening to the maestro’s work, with my painting titled “Vivid Introspection” on the wall behind me, and as I so often do, I became perfervid, threw myself into a blissful place, got lost in the mood, and wound up taking to the “podium” in front of the unseen orchestra, baton (in the form of a Fender Tele) in hand, and “conducting”! So I was having fun; I was playing; playing with Mozart.

The piece that launched this piece is the 3rd movement, allegro 6/8, from Mozart’s 16th symphony, written when he was 16. Show off. Just kidding Wolfie, (I’m taking a huge leap into familiarity here, but I want to think that if I had met Wolfgang, we would have become friends, after all, I am playing), when you got it, let it roll! Mozart was playful, whimsical, knew how to have fun. I think he’d like to see me joyfully “conducting” this piece. If I actually did conduct this 3rd movement, the performance would certainly stand alone in left field amid the annals of serious art music.

So now, I invite you to have a look at what I’ve been leading up to. Direct from the golden vault at Aquiline Studios, here is “Playing With Mozart”.  Plenty of green and gold to ya from the churchman, peace, and auf wiedersehen.

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