Mr. Truth
by on February 26, 2018

Hey everybody.  Good to see you again!  I’m excited about a new song, so I figured I’d put it into this blog.  I think you’ll be able to gather who it’s about, as the subject is one of the greatest songwriters of all time.  When I perform it live, I borrow from his unmistakable inflection…so…here we go with “Mr. Truth”.

Mr. Truth

Quoting the incontrovertible muse – “If a song ain’t shot full of truth, you might as well  say what’s the use”.  He’s not too tall, don’t play baseball, but in his field he’s as big as Babe Ruth.  Steps up to musical art, hits it outta the park – this man known as Mr. Truth.  Just like the Babe, he rolled into New York – as a youth, on a hitch hike from not too far from Duluth.  Destiny locked him right in the “eye-conic” tableau that tells the proof about this prolific man – Mr. Truth.  This man known as Mr. Truth.

You can’t label him, might not even try to fable him – or corral his Rolling, Thundering pursuit – Sooo vaast there can be no roof over this vagabond, paragon known as Mr. Truth.  Is he at times rough around the edges, on the borderline of uncouth?…That’s for you to decide – he’s got a job to do.

Some might think it, but he’s not at all aloof, and when it comes to trackin’ down the truth in a melodeeodic mystery – He’s on the book Case with all he’s got…as a Literary Nobel Prize winning sleuth – This man known as Mr. Truth…Truth be known…He’s like a rolling stone – This man known as Mr. Truth


So, there you are, a tune about the hum dingin’, guitar singin’, song and dance man!  See ya down the line.   peace,    a


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