There’s Gotta Be A Way
by on October 6, 2017

Welcome aboard everybody.  Today I figured I’d post up a page of thoughts I wrote some years ago.  I don’t have a date on it, and maybe that’s good.  This appeared on the inside of the cover of my album entitled “Walkin’ In Outa Leavin'”.  I have this as a “page” of mantra which helps me to elevate performance during a concert.  so, now, here it is…with some slight alterations from the original…

I’m going to try.  Sometimes things seem to get caught in a whirlwind, and I have to unwind the wind.  I write songs.  Put melody and words together, then sing them, wanting the tunes to be received by the audience in a way which is entertaining.  You just have to do it.  Rare back and let her fly.  When a smile comes, it should come from feeling happy, not necessarily from feeling one must smile to entertain.  You got to dig down deep and pull something of substance out.  Don’t just do it to be doing it.  We are given something, and we must hone that gift and share it, so hopefully the space we occupy is a better place.  Forge ahead, fill the pages, fill the spaces.  If you feel you can’t do it, that’s when you should really do it.  There’s gotta be a way.

thank you for taking a look.  I’ll close by borrowing words from a mystical man.  Don’t worry, be happy.  a



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