Greetings from the Churchman
by on September 28, 2017

Howdy everyone! Austin Church here, lookin’ for that Green and Gold everywhere I go. You may remember from previous blogs that Green and Gold is my color code for uplifting vibs to a state of well being. We had a bout with hurricane Irma recently, and I was leaning on that ole Green and Gold pretty good! We came out OK, but a lot of folks were not as fortunate. My heart goes out to those still suffering from the ravages of Irma, Harvey, and Maria.

you may have noticed on the site that a new album is posted; “Kill Devil Sessions – Flight of Aaron Jett”, and I am thrilled with this new addition to our musical legacy. As with the 4 other albums, it is available in various ways via the site. The ride was fulfilling and exhilarating, with big thanks to Dave Jacobs, Jimmy Jensen, Fred Ermentrout, Brent Moyer, Merlin David, Beckley, “Country Bob” with Aquiline Records, and the heartwarming memory of Aaron Jett. I hope you enjoy these tunes in good health!

I Had a dream come true with a performance at the Marco Players Theater, Marco Is., Fl. back on June 12th! For me, there’s nothing like the legitimate stage. I thank J. Robert for opening the door and allowing my guitar and me to walk into this dream. Videos of the show are posted on the site.

I’m so thankful to all of you who have contacted me through this site! It’s wonderful to hear from old friends and new ones too! I guess that’s about it for now. Pleasant dreams and a peaceful tomorrow! austin

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