top of the green and gold to ya!
by on July 2, 2016

howdy y’all. been feelin’ green and gold for quite a while cause I’ve been developing lots of music! that green and gold thing will be developed and touched on as I go along. basically when the green and gold is sighted or even thought about, good feelings permeate my being. I just caught a glimpse of a lemon juice container(green bottle, yellow top), as I walked in here to blog, and viola, good vibs, good thoughts. green and gold, the colours of nature, the colours of good stuff. I would dream long ago of having a green and gold touring bus, how cool that would have been, but that was long ago, and I am quite content having that as an untouched but enjoyable vision. one doesn’t have to “own” green and gold to prosper in the spirits and arts, one merely has to tap into the cosmic essence of “G & G” to sail along unbridled on a direct flight to creative fulfillment. basically, you gots to work it out and work and work it into presentable form, and when a little green and gold wafts into the mix, that’s all the better! envision, develop, enjoy!

I recently got my martin D-28 guitar back from Richard Starkey, who lives and works in Franklin, Tn. Richard works on guitars, and plays them very well. seems there’s another Richard Starkey from Liverpool, who plays drums. I played my re-vamped guitar on a wonderful gig at juice & java in cocoa beach on june 9th, and had a “T-Total” ball! It was a two-man gig, my buddy, dennis Thompson was locked in on drums.

I’ve been writing song non-stop. practicing guitar 4-5 hours a day. when the gigs come around, i’ll be ready! one of my new tunes is “there’s gotta be a prayer in there somewhere”. I hope it helps as It slides into the fluxable play of this world. i’m putting my take on “till there was you” from the Music Man by Merideth Wilson. the beatles also played it. i’m having a lot of fun with it and feel it will please a lot of folks!

I continue to thank Aquiline Studios, for helping me to do this, what a kick! go grab some Green and Gold, me to! ciao




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