here we are in verbal mobility
by on October 9, 2015

in dreams, you have pensive mobility, but it’s to the will of the subliminal.  it also has more vivid images than when in the conscious state.  in the conscious state, the pensive mobility turns to verbal mobility when it hits the page.  moving from one thought to another, that’s what I call verbal mobility, especially when the thoughts are entered in a printed form.  we see what we think in this printed form.  an impulse can suddenly manifest it self on the page.  in order to put these impulses down based on a walk around town or through the hills, one must sharpen and refine the memory.  just as in exercise, this verbal mobility is strengthened by repetition and persistence.  wow, I feel a green and gold thing coming on. that means things are good and my color mobility and verbal mobility are strong.  I will elaborate on this “green and gold” thing in the next post.

by the way, thank you for taking the time to visit.  I want to welcome you to this site, my pride and joy, and a window into my life’s work.  my thanks to “country bob” at aquiline studios for making it happen.  hope you are well.   good day and good times.

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